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Posted by kofilahmed on August 17, 2006

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  1. I have opened this weblog today and it should be fun 🙂 and ya, the A-Level results are out today and it seens like almost a quarter of UK A-level entries were awarded the top grade this year.

  2. I am going to mike’s today to watch England Vs Pakistan 4th and final summer match at Oval.

  3. A-Levels Articles…….

  4. Say what?

  5. GCSE…overall, the best yet.

  6. MAN OF THE YEAR_2006 !

  7. I am starting pure-revision from monday the 28th may, 2007.


  8. Traditional GCSE coursework is to be scrapped for most academic subjects following a report by exam watchdogs.
    From 2009, it will be replaced by what is being called “controlled assessment”, where pupils will do projects under supervision in class.

  9. My Psychology exams are on the 19th and 26th June. (Next tuesday 2PM and the following tuesday 9:30PM)

  10. All the last minutes preparation are going on this week. I am getting all the help for the exam next week>

  11. Tomorrow Is My First Psychology Exam At 2PM.

    Focus & Plan!

  12. Come Tomorrow!
    19th June, 2PM

  13. Here comes today..

  14. Well, I got over the first exam well and feeling more confidence for the last paper next week. Now I know what exams are really really like and the final exam next week will be very interesting.


    Most of the persistent low achievers in England’s schools are poor and white, and far more are boys than girls, a Joseph Rowntree Foundation study says.
    Chinese and Indian pupils are most successful. Afro-Caribbean pupils do no worse than white British from similar economic backgrounds, results suggest.

  16. Revising the entire weekend!

  17. Tomorrow is the second exam, paper 2 and the final exam. I have to score a lot higher then the first paper. The exam starts at 9:30AM-11:05AM. I am so looking forward to it come tomorrow.

  18. Today EXAM Paper (2). Just finished it at 11:05AM. Exam started at 9:25AM and I think I did very-well and predicting (50) marks. I started off slow but finished very-stronge and the last person to leave the room.

    Now the waiting-starts and the results come out in August. I know I am expecting the grade and it will be reveal on the day.

  19. The GCSE Result Comes Out On, Thursday 23rd August

  20. Next Thursday the GCSE results will be release to the students. Finger cross

  21. GCSE Psychology results will be publish tomorrow.


  22. D* on psychology. Think I have just missed it by marks but better luck next time 😉

  23. kofilahmed said

    Another record year for GCSEs

  24. GCSE pupils at private schools are three times more likely to score A and A* grades, a report suggests.

  25. Diplomas ‘could replace A-levels’

    Diplomas could replace A-levels as the “qualification of choice” in England, says Schools Secretary Ed Balls.

  26. Kofil_Ahmed said

    Some 74% of UK graduates are in full time jobs three and a half years after finishing their degrees, research says.
    Eight out of 10 of these were classed as being in graduate-level occupations, by the study for the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

  27. Passed CISCO CCNA Semester 2 Yestarday Evening: (78%)

    Enjoying Human Network 🙂

  28. Kofil A said

    Straight A’s no longer enough for top universities

  29. I passed the GCSE Psychology today, 21st August 08. I’m the happiest man alive (c) 🙂

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